We invest in our communities.

AYRFCI, the relationship marketing platform that is creating direct & positive benefits for the community. Raising awareness of great local organizations, fundraising, and community listings.


AYRFCI Fundraising Platform

Is a great way for individuals & groups/organizations to utilize the products/services of AYRFCI Fundraising for creating a sustainable fundraising effort.

Through joining as a Fundraising Partner individuals or groups/organizations can access the products/services AYRFCI has available within their community for fundraising efforts while also generating an income from being a Fundraising Partner.

As a Fundraising Partner you can build a network of Fundraising Partners & benefit from the efforts of the network. The compensation for the Fundraising Partners pays from the seller of the product/service up 5 levels in the network.

A standard offering of customizable products will be available in each community. There will be a unique offering of products/services unique to each local community through the Win Win Deals platform. As a Fundraising Partner you will be able to access the Win Win Deals platform for your community & the surrounding local communities.

Benefits Of The Fundraising Partnerships

More $ goes towards the actual fundraising efforts than the commission plan

Access to Win Win Deals for fundraising efforts

No Fees

No Hidden Costs

Schools/Churches/Volunteer Groups/Organizations/Temples/Sports Teams can be sponsored by a Fundraising Partner & have the benefits of a held position

Fundraising Partner can fund raise for multiple organizations/groups

Individuals & organizations benefiting from each other

No required start-up packages

We help communities across Ontario.

We are starting with 3 communities and our plans are to grow to over 26 by the end of the year. Working together we can make all of our communities stronger and more beneficial to those living there. Everyone participating becomes invested in the success of the network and each other.


of funds go towards helping the communities


communities as of March 1, 2017


planned communities by the end of 2017


Community involvement benefits everyone so why not get involved ?